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You choose what you want for juices and we deliver them right to your door each week! You also have the convenient option to pick up at one of our locations 7 days a week! You are billed automatically each week for the same order so it’s hassle free.

There is no committment when signing up for our Lifestyle Membership. We designed it to be extremely flexible for anyones schedule, you can pause and resume at any time.

What Our Lifestyle Members Say

What Our Lifestyle Members Say

Just finished my second 3 day cleanse in 4 months. If you are skeptical about cleanses, this place is perfect for you. It will meet and exceed your expectations. Both times i have cleansed I have lost 10lbs. I found my second cleanse much easier than the first(wasn’t hungry at all). The juices do a great job of keeping you nourished throughout the day. You must drink LOTS of water during the cleanse as well. On average between the juice and water, I was drinking about 260 ounces of liquid a day. This cleanse will recharge your body and mind and make you look at food in a whole new way. So happy I tried OH! Juice and so should you.

Bryan Fuller

“I stated with OH! juice back in the spring, and at first tried the sweeter juices. Then I got hooked on “Go Green”. This one is the most intense, but also the most bang for the buck. I now drink one of these almost every day (I’m on the weekly plan) and look forward to it every time. It is bracing and delicious and, especially, energizing. I have discontinued my mid-morning carb snack and now drink the juice, to much better effect. The quality of these juices is really high, they are fresh, and taste great. I’m losing weight and love the juice. Highly recommended.”

Noble Kime

Why Incorporate OH! Juice On a Regular Basis

We believe the best way to reach optimal health is being prepared to make healthy decisions. It can be difficult because our environment provides more readily available unhealthy options. Having OH! Juice stocked in your fridge is the ideal way to make the best decisions to reach your goals. Having juice ready to grab out of the fridge starts your mornings off right, it allows you to bring health on the go and is the perfect option for when you’re in a time crunch. When you start to incorporate more healthy and nutritionally dense options into your diet, like our juices, you will start to crave more of the healthier options and less of the processed food, alcohol, and caffeine. Drinking juice can help balance out your not-so-healthy decisions by getting the nutrients you need into your body. The juice is a kickstarter to a healthier lifestyle when you fall off the wagon.

How do I incorporate all this wonderful juice into my week?

Having juice at your disposal allows you to be flexible with your diet and incorporate the abundance of health in many options.

Option 1 – A simple way: Supplement a snack or a meal with a juice of your choice, this will help insure you get 3-5 pounds of fruits and vegetables and all the vitamins, antioxidants and minerals you need for the day. People trying to lose weight or maintain usually replace a meal in the beginning or the end of the day to extend a fast into their sleep cycle. Athletes or individuals looking to gain weight will use the juices to increase their caloric intake without stressing the digestion system and help with recovery.
Option 2 – Our favorite way: Fast a majority of the day by drinking 2-3 juices and nothing else up until dinner, end the day with a small healthy meal. Enjoy the benefits of combining intermittent fasting and healthy whole foods. This is our favorite way to incorporate juice here at OH! Juice, we feel it allows us to see the benefits from giving our digestion a longer break (16-20 hours) while enjoying the social and ceremonial acts of eating delicious whole foods. Note this style of eating can be reversed with a meal in the morning and juice the rest of the day until bed.
Option 3 – A cleansing way: Try a 1-3+ day cleanse every week! This six week program can reset bad habits and ensures optimal results that can last a lifetime. This disciplined regimen of cleansing gives your body something to look forward to each week while jump starting you for the rest of the week, further encouraging better choices! Call us and we can help guide you on a way of eating on the days you are not cleansing.

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*WARNING AND NOTICE: OH! Juice is not an organization of medical doctors, experts, or certified nutritionists and our staff cannot give you medical advice, a diagnosis, or a “diet” plan. Nothing in this website content should be taken as medical advice or diagnosis. If you need medical advice, please seek out professional medical doctor. We recommend that you contact a medical doctor before you begin any change in your diet or any sort of weight loss plan. We warn against the use of our cleanses by minors, pregnant women, and any individuals with preexisting health issues, including those taking prescription medications. If you have any questions about whether a juice cleanse is right for you, you are specifically warned to seek advice from a professional medical doctor.