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Nikki Team Cleanse Testimonial

NikkiCleansing Consultant/Farmers Market Manager5 Day Cleanse

My goal length for my cleanse was a minimum of 5 days. I completed 4 days of strictly juice and minimum of 100oz of water a day. My daily routine consisted of drinking our tonic Can’t Compear in the morning followed by Green Routine lunch, Go Green for a snack, and Cookies ’N Protein for dinner. In addition to drinking 4 juices a day, I sipped on some homemade Kombucha throughout the day to help alkalize my stomach and add good probiotics in my gut.

I have been religiously practicing mindful eating for about 3 years now. Mindful eating is a mental state achieved through focusing one’s awareness on the present moment, while consciously acknowledging one’s feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations. My personal goal for this cleanse was to dive deeper into this eating practice through awareness, intention, and meditation. I was able to explore different eating habits of mine and unveil layers to grasp a better understanding for my reoccurring food cravings. While drinking the juice, I consciously paced myself; allowing my eyes to fall shut and fully immersed myself in every flavor and sensation in my body. I truly believe that when we have more awareness while eating, we are able to absorb more nutrients. Every time I cleanse I reconnect with the importance of drinking water – most often we are just dehydrated!

I had a few setbacks during my cleanse that I would like to share. First and foremost would be not completing my 5th day of cleansing. The last night of my cleanse I indulged in an amazing plant-based dinner and fair amount of Boochcraft, shared with some of my favorite people here in San Diego. I “celebrated” a little too soon perhaps, but I couldn’t have been happier with the realization of where my cravings truly thrive – on wholesome food. Sharing meals with loved ones is my foundation for restoring my positive relationship with food. My second “setback” was not having enough energy to continue my daily vinyasa flow. I was proud to have listened to my body and not let my “I’m a active, strong, and determined woman” ego over power my bodily needs. The hours that would have been spent devoted to a vigorous yoga practice, were replaced with readings about mindful eating and living in the present moment.

As I reflect on my cleanse, I wrote down 5 lessons that I learned throughout my experience to later revisit when self-doubt and feelings of shame resurface. When we are able to embrace our feelings of shame without any judgements, there is a shift in how we are able to relate to ourselves. I find myself experiencing mindless old eating habits often, but I don’t look at this as I “failed” – rather an opportunity presented to me to practice and increase my awareness.

If you have anymore questions about my cleanse, feel free to email me: [email protected]

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Kristina Team Cleanse Testimonial

KristinaCleanse Consultant/Writer7 Day Cleanse

I had already planned to cleanse when Hanna introduced the team cleanse challenge. I have a diagnosed autoimmune disease that I manage through diet and lifestyle, rather than masking symptoms with experimental medicines that can do more damage to your body in the long run. It’s a pretty restrictive elimination diet. The idea behind it is to eat anti inflammatory foods and stay away from foods that can cause your gut inflammation and harm, allowing it to heal over time. I have been following this diet for almost two years but have had no luck reintroducing foods. I had to have a couple surgeries last summer, leaving me a little less mobile and not able to cook for myself like I used to. Right after I had healed a bit, I got news from my roommate that she was moving out so I wanted to find a new apartment/roommate. I went through basically a pretty big life change. I had prepared a ton of frozen meals for my recovery but ran out around the same time I had to move. My new roommate loves pizza and burritos and that added a whole new level of tempation for me. I gave in and ate everything I knew didn’t make me feel good for a few months. I gained a bit of weight back(I had lost around 20-30 lbs since 2014) and my skin symptoms caused by my autoimmune disease were back and very uncomfortable, not to mention the effects I was feeling on my energy levels.

I had seen amazing, pretty immediate results within 3-6 months of starting my Autoimmune Paleo (AIP) diet initially so I knew I needed to go back to that to detox my body and heal my gut again. This aip diet means cutting out grains, gluten, dairy, eggs, nuts, seeds, legumes, sugar, alcohol, and nightshades. I also need to practice self care and make sure I’m getting enough sleep and managing stress. Normal stressors for a healthy individual can feel exacerbated to me and cause exhaustion and autoimmune flare ups. Yes this sounds crazy, but I know the last time I was really strict about it I had seen amazing results in my skin, energy, and felt back to myself again. I have been trying to do this for the last few months but Oreos were my weakness and cause a snowball effect for me. Having my whole team behind me and working so hard at getting back to AIP has helped me not cave. We’re all about accountabilibuddies here. If you tell someone about your goal, you’re more likely to reach it.

The next queston you’re probably thinking, is Kristina?! What the heck do you eat then?? I stick to a diet of organic veggies, fruits, meats, and healthy fats. You’d be surprised at all the tasty food I eat. You learn to get really creative, I even taught myself to cook the first time I started my AIP journey. Pinterest and blogs have given me endless options for AIP recipes.

Back to my cleanse… With all my food sensitivities, many of our juices are sadly out of the question for me. I’m so glad my coworkers and I have been trained so well to be able to take a step back, look at whatever issue we need to work around and create custom cleanses to fit anyone’s needs.

I cannot eat nuts or seeds, so all of the delicious mylks are out, chia tea is out, and some of the juices even have nightshades. During my cleanse I also noticed some of the superfoods were giving me weird symptoms and I found out they can be immune stimulants so I had to do some troubleshooting. My cleanses consisted of 3-4 green juices, an occasional fruit juice and a protein smoothie made from coconut mylk I made at home.

My goal for my cleanse was to clear my skin and help me get back to being strict about my AIP diet and lifestyle. I don’t want to say weightloss is easy, but when I’m being good to my body and feeding it the foods that don’t cause inflammation, my weight ballances itself out. That being said, if I do the opposite, I gain weight like crazy.

I wanted to go 10 days without food but hit a bit of a bump at day 7. The first 5 days were a breeze. My energy was up, I felt full. I had a few cravings and a few slow moments, but my protein smoothies and soup I had prepared for the end of the day was enough to look forward to for me. The first few days, all my bloat was gone, and inflammation in my face went down noticably, I kept noticing my cheek bones popping out every time I walked past a mirror.

As you can probably imagine, my body is a bit more sensitive to the input I need to get the output of energy than a “healthy” person. Day 7 I had no energy and was feeling extremely lethargic and weak. I laid in bed til mid morning or maybe even noon(it was a weekend thankfully). It suddenly struck me that I had forgotten to factor in that I probably wasn’t getting enough iron because the beet juices I normally would put in everyone’s cleanses had some ingredients I need to stay away from in it! I also crave iron rich foods(usually steak and other meats) like crazy a few days before my period, which of course it was about that time.

Always listen to your body when cleansing. You’re the one who knows your body best, we can help you troubleshoot but definitely do what you feel the need to do! I went and got myself a beet and spinach salad and addeed my own steak. I felt 100% better after eating it. I finished out the 10 days with one small meal at the end of the day instead of my protein shake and weaned myself off my cleanse by cutting back to two juices in the morning, a healthy snack during my work day and a healthy meal, then finished the month with at least one juice to replace breakfast, a snack and a small lunch at work and an anti inflammatory dinner which i’ve meal prepped early in the week so I always have food on hand that fits into my lifestyle.

During the cleanse I lost nine lbs initially and have been able to maintain a five lb weightloss after transitioning back to full AIP. I’ve really only been able to work out once or twice per week, when I would love to work out at least four times a week because it makes me happy to get moving. I feel so much better. I think this cleanse was an integral part of me being disciplined enough to go cold turkey back to AIP.

If you have anymore questions about my cleanse or AIP, feel free to email me! Call us now to schedule your cleanse.

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Mike Team Cleanse Testimonial


Chief marketing Officer/Partner

5 Day Cleanse

I joined this challenge because for one I love a good challenge and I was able to do it with my teammates and best friends. Working for OH! Juice over the years I’ve been able to incorporate our juices into my diet in just about every way possible.

When planning the challenge my goal was to drink at least 4 juices per day with a few shots for energy and detoxing while incorporating a light meal in the evening. I’ve fasted and ate this way for the last 3 years so this was not really a challenge for me, after four days I decided to switch to juice only. My biggest fear of consuming only juice is that I would lose muscle mass that I worked so hard to build. That being said I consulted with Hanna our nutritionist and she said to make sure I was consuming at least 1 almond mylk ideally with our plant based protein.

The first 1-2 days of drinking only juice are always the most difficult for me, but once my body started to adjust to the new diet it became much easier. Two days turned into five, once I hit my five day goal I had no reason to stop because I felt so clean, detoxed and energized. So I continued all the way up to 14 days, this was by far the longest I have ever sustained with no food. After the first initial few days I lost about 5 lbs but that was the total weight lost which made me happy. During the 2 weeks I was very focused, energized, still worked 10-14 hours per day and exercised 4 days per week.

I’ve always wanted to do a coffee enema so what better time to incorporate it! These are known to heavily detox your body along with removing toxins and go hand in hand with juice cleansing. Overall I can say that I’m extremely happy this challenge pushed me to take my health to the next level that I didn’t even think was possible. I just started another juice cleanse which I’m going to do for at least 10 days and continue longer if it feels right. I’m also a big proponent of eating raw food so when I come off my cleanse again I’ll stick to at last 80% raw foods, there are many benefits to this diet. Even though I attended social events where there was delicious organic food, my will to achieve a truly healthy state kept me strong. I feel healthier than ever and I even look more shredded with my shirt off!

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Taryn And Chris Team Cleanse Testimonial

TarynOH! Co-Creator/CleansingSpiritual Cleansing Coach3 day cleanse

As many of you know, I gave birth to an amazing little girl last year. That being said, I’ve been breastfeeding for the entire year. Tanna just turned one in May and is eating partially solid foods. Obviously I’ve been enjoying and supplementing with juice the entire time I’ve been breastfeeding, but have not been able to do a full cleanse yet. With her first birthday just past, it was time for me to invest the time and love back into myself.

My goal for this cleanse is to reboot my lifestyle goals of intermittent fasting as a daily practice, to motivate others to try cleansing and to help them customize cleanses around their lifestyle like I was doing. And to connect with my partner, Chris over cleansing- something he has never done before.

I wanted to do a 3 day, no food cleanse. I pre-cleansed with intermittent fasting leading into it. Intermittent fasting, for me is just drinking liquids, or in this case, juice during the day and then having a large meal at night. This puts your body into fat burning mode and was a great way for me to prepare mentally and physically for my cleanse.

I started Monday on a full juice day and went through Tuesday with no food as well. However, we’ve been creating our food line for our upcoming cafe (YAY!), and we had a catering event on Wednesday. I ended up trying the amazing vegan, organic cuisine so I decided to carry my cleanse into the weekend. After completing Thursday with just juice, I finished out the weekend with intermittent fasting Friday through Sunday.

I drank 3 juices per day, one mylk and 3 Superfood Shots during my cleanse. After my cleanse, I had breakfast (tofu scramble) and could only eat half – instantly I felt sleepy! My body had not been processing that much food in over a week so it took a lot of my energy to break down that meal. SO Im going back to intermittent fasting for sure! During my cleanse, 5 other people started cleansing because of my story and success! It was awesome to connect with these people over cleanse and create the perfect cleanse for them! So excited to check in with them and see how their cleanses are going! It was really fun to connect with Chris through this cleanse. He knows I am a huge advocate of cleansing with intermittent fasting but has never actually experience the benefits. It was surprisingly fun cleansing as a couple! Getting into the cleansing mind set and holding each other accountable made it easy. We kept busy and did different activities instead of cooking or going out for dinner.

The easiest part of cleansing for me is being around other people who were cleansing since our whole team and TONS of our clients cleansed with me! I helped the cleanse along by staying busy and preparing myself. Getting into the cleansing mindset by focusing on all the positives, setting goals and looking forward to seeing results made this experience easy and run!

The hardest part for me was attending our first OH! Juice catering event – the food looked absolutely amazing – and it was! Social situations can be hard especially if you feel pressure to eat or don’t want to miss out on trying something new. In my case, I decided to go ahead and eat some of the delicious bites our new vegan chef prepared. I do not regret this! Yes, it was hard to break my food fast part of cleansing but breaking it with the food options I chose was a smart decision. For more info on what to do in social situations while cleansing call us! We love to give support and help you make the best decisions while on your cleansing journey!

If you have anymore questions about my cleanse, feel free to emal me: [email protected]

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Don Team Cleanse Testimonial

DonKitchen Production Lead5 Day Cleanse

For my cleanse, I had the goal of reacclimating my system towards raw and healthy foods. I am generally a health oriented person, but lately I have had cravings for processed foods. I gave myself three days to see if my taste buds would reset. I left my cleanse open ended, played it by ear and was open to hear what my body is telling me.

I kicked off day one of my cleanse with a Bright Eyes to wake me up. For the rest of the day I went with greens, sticking to the less sweet greens like Go Green. My intention was to detox my system and not give in to my sugar cravings. I felt energized the entire day and was able to complete an eight hour work day with no fatigue or hunger. On the second day I downed three Detox Me Superfood shots because the detoxification became more prevalent in my intention. I chose to grab a Maca Mylk to curb my appetite midday and stay away from the sweets. I completed another eight hour work day with no real dilemmas.

The third day was my first day off and I woke up really early and drank a Repear while I did morning yoga and exercise. There was something about my energy level that felt more connected to the movement of my body. I had not been that energized and just plain felt good in a while and I knew it had to be the affects of the juice cleanse. Throughout the cleanse I stayed hydrated with a glass of water to accompany almost every juice but after working out I had a Pink Drink for extra hydration and it hit the spot.

By the end of the third day I made the decision to continue my cleanse and incorporate raw foods, mostly greens, back into my diet. I found myself easily satisfied with small raw meals and had no cravings for anything processed at all. In fact they seemed unappealing at that point. The cleanse left me with an ability to focus on what I was putting into my body and how it affects my energy. The one thing that surprised me the most was how energized and satiated I felt the entire 5 days. I can see myself using a juice cleanse to get back on my path any time I stray away or for energy revamping.

If you have anymore questions about cleansing or would like to schedule a cleanse, call us now!


Arcelia Team Cleanse Testimonial

ArceliaKitchen Prep3 Day Cleanse

This was my first OH! Juice cleanse. My goal for my was to complete 3 days of juicing. I drank 6 juices per day. I really wanted to cleanse my body from all the bad food I was eating. As I mentioned in the newsletter, I have been experiencing lots of allergies and food sensitivities. I really wanted to see if this cleanse would help to see if the symptoms would disappear or become minimal. I also wanted to lose some weight.

After the three days I feel like I definitely reached my goals. My allergies had almost completely stopped, I had cut out the junk food completely. I felt really good after the three days. My favorite party of my cleanse was the flavors of the juice. They’re so tasty and filling, it was easy and I got to drink my favorite juices all day so I didn’t have any problem drinking them. The first day was a little hard to kick the junk food cravings. I experienced a little gas and headaches, but it was nothing more water wouldn’t help. I did underestimate my hunger and really wanted to do just juices, but the girls on our sales team helped coach me through it. I listened to my body and added some cashews and that really helped my hunger and get me through the cleanse.

For me, it was more of a mental struggle, I felt the urge to eat even though my stomach was full, which is common. I would totally do it again and maybe next time I’d go for 5 days. I felt great by the third day. It was totally worth it. and the three lbs I lost didn’t hurt either!

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Katey Team Cleanse Testimonial

KateyCleansing Consultant3 Day CleanseI loved having a buddy/buddies to share my experience with. Having someone, who was also cleansing, to talk to about what I was feeling while cleansing was really great for my morale. This was my first cleanse so I was really intrigued by how my body would react. I assumed I would be fine, but it turns out that my detox symptoms were slightly out of the ordinary, which now I know is OK!Throughout my cleanse I was pretty hungry. I attribute this to my lack of preparation with my pre-cleanse. I have a vegan diet so I assumed I would be able to adjust fairly easy. However, I was not supplementing many juices into my diet the weeks before. I underestimated the power of the pre-cleanse! So from now on I will add the juices into my diet at least two weeks before my cleanse so my body can get use to getting nutrients that way.So on Day 1 I got home from work and was terribly hungry and was debating whether or not to have a healthy, clean snack. I am a really stubborn person when it comes to personal goals so I wanted to stick to my original no food cleanse. But I remembered what Hanna told me a few days before the cleansing, to listen to my body and give it what it needs. And on day 1 it didn't feel like food was what I wanted, but actually what I needed. So I decided to eat an avocado which made me feel alot better and more confident in the cleanse.I did end up losing 4 pounds which was not really my goal, but it happened, and I'd like to think I lost all the bad stuff. I also broke out on my face which is rare for me, but the toxins were trying to escape anyway they could. I also got slightly sick on the night of day 2 which was quite discouraging on top of my other symptoms. The best part of all of that though was feeling like I could talk about my cleanse freely with Hanna and the girls at OH! And hear their advice and thoughts which reassured me that everything was okay and that people's systems detox in different ways.Excited for my next cleanse!If you have any questions about my cleanse, feel free to email me: [email protected] now to schedule your cleanse!


Raya Team Cleanse Testimonial


Cleansing Consultant/Kitchen Lead

5 Day Cleanse

This cleanse couldn't have come at a more perfect time for me. I was just away on a lengthy vacation with my family.. who loves to eat more than we love to breathe. I came back feeling really bloated and strayed from my normal healthy habits. I had also been struggling with energy levels due to a recent change in my work schedule, I went from working early mornings to late nights and it completely threw me. My plan for this cleanse was to go 5 days just juice and then continue with intermittent fasting (2-3 juices/day with 1-2 small clean meals to supplement) for as long as I could. I really wanted the entire month of May to be focused on health.

I started off great. I used to go into cleanses feeling nervous, but I was ready for this one due to the circumstances. I was ready to get back into my routine and really start feeling like myself again. I initially feel I reached my goal, after the first week I was feeling great. Slim, lean, and light. I felt really on track and motivated to continue. However after that week, my body started craving a lot of calories due to “my time of month”. The week before I get my period always has me wanting a lot of food and it’s really hard for me to ignore that feeling and my cravings. I definitely slipped on my diet and felt disappointed, but I know I have the ability to tighten back up! That's the fun thing about progression. My biggest thing is consistency. I really want to master it. I go through bouts of being really great about my healthy lifestyle and then times where I don’t hold myself accountable. Most days should be a "cleanse" if you are disciplined! That's where I wanna be.The easiest part of my cleanse was just feeling “ready”. I had just gotten home from vacation and I wasn’t feeling great about my diet choices while I was away. Knowing I was ready to take the cleanse head on made it really easy for me to stick to it the first 7 days. Conquering it one day at a time made it mentally easier for me as well. I would say the worst part was maybe the social aspect? It’s hard to decline food or drinks when you are hanging out with your friends, however mine were super supportive! I always tell my clients it's important to surround themselves with people who want you to succeed in your health endevours. I'm lucky to have that.As far as hunger, I wasn’t really hungry.. Towards the end of the week I felt like I was trying to convince myself I needed food only because I wasn’t really consuming and solid calories, but to be completely honest it was more of my appetite kicking in as opposed to actual hunger. A lot of time I felt like I should've been eating because I was around people who were eating. But other than that, the juices really had me feeling saciated. Again the one big setback I had was getting my period. I’m so bad at resisting my cravings! But it's all about balance. I don't mind consuming the calories as long as I am working hard on the other end to maintain an active lifestyle.Overall I think my cleanse went really well, I just wish I had had the discipline to last longer. I was feeling so great when I was sticking to my plan. The only real bad symptom I had was a headache in the beginning, but other than that I really did feel great. I lost 6 pounds in 7 days. My energy levels were up, I was smiling a lot more, and just seeing the bloat leave my body after only one day was so rewarding. For my next cleanse I definitely want to be better at consuming more water (and sometimes even more juice) on my cleanses and just life in general. I have never been one to consume a lot of liquid, if fills me up extremely fast and makes me feel bloated. However, I know water consumption is so important to help regulate and flush toxins from the body. It is all a learning experience! Even though I may know the right thing to do, it is sometimes hard to execute due to outside factors. I like the progress though, my next cleanse will be better than the last and it will only continue in a similar fashion the more I do it. I enjoy feeling inspired by these resets! It's always nice to be re-reminded that we can always tighten up on health and strive to make it our lifestyle. This cleanse came at a perfect time for me! Was so happy to be a part of it 🙂If you have anymore questions about my cleanse, feel free to email me: [email protected] us now to schedule your cleanse!

Laurie Carey Testimonial 60 Day

I am 40 years old, have PCOS, Insulin Resistance and a Hypothyroid and have found it impossible to lose any weight. In fact, I can’t stop gaining weight. In the last 6 years, since being diagnosed with a Hypothyroid, I had put on 97 pounds. That’s about 16 pounds a year! Naturally, I have tried different diets and exercise plans including the Paleo diet and a CrossFit boot camp with no success. After watching Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead, a documentary about a man who reversed his health and lost 90 pounds juicing for 60 days, I decided I wanted to try a long-term juice cleanse.

Having learned quite a bit about nutrition during my research, I decided the juice should be cold-pressed, stored in glass bottles and should contain a variety superfoods for maximum nutrition. I also work full-time, so I realized I would not be able to produce 6 different juices a day on my own. That is a full time job in itself! So, I started looking at juice companies in the San Diego area. There was only one company that met my standards… Oh! Juice. Another plus was that they delivered early in the morning for a very reasonable price. This made it even more convenient! My only concern was that the cost would be more than I could budget for. I reached out to Oh! Juice and Taryn and Hanna immediately got back to me. I told them about my health concerns and informed them that I was not wealthy. To my surprise, they worked with me so that I could afford a 60 day cleanse! I went up to Carlsbad, did a tasting of their juices, which are delicious and they put together a custom cleanse based on my likes and nutritional needs.

It’s been 30 days now and I have already lost 20 pounds! My skin is glowing, I have lost all joint pain and I feel amazing! Funny thing is, I don’t feel like I’m fasting. I have more energy now than when I was eating! And, not only have I lost inches from my waist, hips and chest, but I have even lost an inch around my neck and an inch off my calves!

A big part of my success has been the support that I have had; that is key! Taryn and Hanna have been right there whenever I’ve had questions or concerns. And, my husband was so impressed with what Oh! Juice had to offer that he jumped on board too! I know the cleanse would have been way harder for me had he not decided to juice as well. What was most surprising was the support I received from my son. He’s 14 and loves fast food. He would be sitting next to me eating In & Out Burger and I would say; “Can I just have one fry?” “NO!” he exclaimed. “You are doing so good; I will not let you cheat!” He also tells me how amazing I look and how proud he is of me.

To read Laurie’s husband, Dustin’s testimonial, click HERE

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Interview With Dustin Interpreted By Kristina Silla(OH! Juice Consultant)

Dustin and his wife were inspired to do a 60-day juice cleanse after seeing the documentary, Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead. His wife, Laurie has been having some health issues that caused her to gain weight and said he could use a health boost of his own. He lost 24 lbs during the first 30 days of his juice cleanse, Laurie lost 20. Read Laurie’s testimonial HERE.

OH! Juice made it realistic to try a huge lifestyle change like this, the man in Fat Sick & Nearly Dead was single with no children, had a film crew, lots of money and didn’t have to work. “It would be so hard to do this type of juicing on your own. It would be nearly impossible with work, family, activities, etcetera... Making the juice would become its own fulltime job with all the sourcing of the quality produce, superfoods, and cleanup.”

Dustin and Laurie did a mix of deliveries and pickups biweekly to make sure they had enough juice on hand at all times, six juices per day for the first 30 days before they started to incorporate solid foods:

I was worried that the calorie intake wouldn’t give me enough energy, never had a problem, I had tons of energy. I kept expecting to crash and never did. I was also worried about caffeine withdrawals because I had tried to lower my coffee intake previously. I was at 3-4 cups a day. I just had a dull headache one night, no other symptoms.

“You really notice when you put the good stuff in, the bad stuff comes right out,” said Dustin. “Keeping a belly full of water is key for us, it really helped with the detox symptoms as well as hunger” His tip is to keep a big cup of water by your side the whole time. The first improvements Dustin saw was in his and his wife’s skin, as you can see in the pictures,“You don’t really notice it in yourself, but I really noticed it on my wife right away and she said the same thing. Our dark eye circles were gone”

Juicing with OH! Juice was a huge time saver for Dustin and Laurie, “You’re never spending time thinking about what you’re going to eat, planning meals, cooking, cleaning, doing dishes. We found ourselves wondering what to do with all our extra time at lunch and dinner. We started taking long walks instead during those mealtimes.”

Dustin even went on a ski trip with his buddies and lowered his juice intake to 3-4 juices per day and was able to stick to clean, healthy salads, fruits, vegetables and nuts to stay on track during his cleanse. It was very important to them that they didn’t miss out on social events. They even brought their juices to happy hours with coworkers and friends. Friends and family were really supportive and understood their goals and didn’t want to derail their progress.

I really expected to be craving mexican food, but I didn’t really. I only craved red meat and other clean foods, nothing unhealthy. The hardest part was there wasn’t much to help savory cravings. Salted nuts and seeds were really helpful for that. I kept thinking I could really go for ______, but I don’t need it.

After 30 days of juice, Dustin and Laurie rewarded themselves with salads from Tender Greens and are now incorporating clean foods into their cleanse. Their stomachs have shrunk so they don’t need as much food and want to maintain the lower calorie, higher quality intake. Always go into your cleanse thinking you’re going to cleanse for double the time to add foods back in to help maintain your results.

30 days was the right amount for anyone looking to commit to a big change. I lost most of the weight within the first 14 days, so that could be a good amount of time for someone who doesn’t need as much of a reset as we did. I don’t know how anyone could manage a juice fast on their own

For more information on Juice cleansing please visit ohjuicecleanse.com or call one of our stores for help from a cleansing consultant.

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OH! Baby!

Congratulations to our client and friend Bianca from Nakoa Fitness on her new bundle of joy, Baby Luke. She has been juicing with us throughout her pregnancy and  post-partum---

"I am so grateful to have discovered OH! Juice during my pregnancy! Not only are they incredibly delicious, but they have helped me so much to strengthen my immune system, stay hydrated, energized, nourished and feeling great throughout my pregnancy; and now with my little nugget only a few days old, I am grateful to have their nourishing recipes helping me recover and healing my body and providing lots of great nutrients that I can pass on to my babes. Thank you OH! Juice! I am a fan for life!"

Planning on starting a family? Already pregnant? Looking for post-partum nourishment? Whatever stage of this magical journey you are in, contact us after speaking with your doctor to create the perfect pregnancy plan customized just for you. [email protected]

OH! Juice Guest Blog: On The MUV With OH! Juice

By OH! Juice Client Erin Haffner

OH Juice brightens my day by giving me renewed strength and energy. As a Physical Therapist and Pilates instructor I need to have energy and adequate protein throughout the day to work on my patients and clients. OH! Juice is packed with nutrients and protein. Cookies n protein is my favorite for sustained satiation and Go Green juice gives me the vitamins and minerals I need, especially when I don’t have time to make a salad before work. OH! and did I mention that Cookies n Protein tastes like desert, but it’s healthy

I found out about OH! juice by driving by it every day. OH! Juice started their company at the same time my business partner and I started ours right around the corner.My favorite OH! Juice is Cookies n Protein, because it has incredible flavor and it is packed with protein, hydrating coconut water, ½ a date (so it’s not too sweet) and it has the hormone stabilizing Maca root

My favorite part about OH! juice is that all their juices are incredible. They are packed with flavor and tons of nutrients that you cannot find in other cold pressed organic juice. OH! Juice also gets 90% of their produce from local farms which is amazing!! I also love all the people who work here!! They are incredibly sweet and they care about the product they are creating!

Thank you, Erin! We love seeing you daily for your OH! fix!

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Are you a business owner who could use some extra fuel? Contact us for more information on our Business Packs for the work week! [email protected]

Recovering From Surgery With OH! Juice

By OH! Juice Consultant Kristina Silla

Recently I had to take some time off working at OH! Juice to have two hip surgeries. I had some bony impingement and torn cartilage. Don’t worry, no replacement. It was an outpatient surgery and everything went well. I’m already back at work a month after the second surgery. I used oh juice in a few different ways before, during and after my surgeries to help prep and maintain my health.

The week before my surgery, I prepped my body with six of the greenest juices we have, and one of my personal favorite flavors, ‘Go Green,’ throughout the week. This allowed me to cleanse my body of any medicines they wanted me to stop taking pre surgery and to pack in extra nutrients to help my body prepare to start healing.

The two weeks I had surgeries in June and July, I took home 6 packs of juices to help supplement my body. I had my family staying with me and cooking for me, so a lot of it, even though was still healthy, ended up being convenience foods, meals that I pre-made and froze or meals out. This made it easy for me to say, “I want a juice and ____ for breakfast.” It took some work off of my family who was already running back and forth at my every whim while I was bed ridden.

With any surgery comes prescribed medicine. I was on heavy pain killers as well as anti inflammatories. I usually stay pretty natural with what I put into my body, only vitamin supplements, allergy medicine and of course, juice. So you can imagine all the pills made me feel awful. I was having stomach aches, headaches, sinus pressure, mood swings, fatigue ect., from my prescribed anti inflammatories. After being on them for about a month and a half, all I think about was how much I wanted them out of my body. After getting the go ahead from my doctor to stop the anti inflammatories, the first thing I did was set myself up with a 5-7 day juice cleanse to get rid of all the nasty toxins building up from all my meds. Always ask your doctor first before cleansing. You can also call us to get a list of juices and ingredients that we use to confirm all are OK to ingest.

One of my favorite things about our cleanses is that they’re customizable. While the 6 juices per day is great for traditional cleansing, I knew my body needed more energy to keep healing. I planned on doing four green juices per day with a small all organic meal for five days. I ended up drinking three  juices per day and eating a meal and a snack. This allowed me to get an extra day and a half of cleansing in.

By the second day of juicing, I already felt 1000 times better. My energy levels were instantly back to normal and I was no longer angry at everything in eyeshot. As you can imagine, surgery eating can become comfort eating because you’re allowing yourself whatever you want to make yourself feel better. I was craving and eating a lot more sugar than I’m used to and laying in bed for a good portion of the day for a month and a half can make you feel pretty sluggish and bloated.

In addition to ridding my body of all the medicine, juicing allowed me to cut down on those cravings and get back in the mindset of my healthy lifestyle. While I still have a long way to go to gain muscle back to be able to safely do my normal barre workouts, the juicing definitely helped me to cut down the bloat and take off a bit of the weight I put on while binge watching Netflix.

Now that I’m back to work I’m feeling so much more like myself, my energy is back to normal and I’m still drinking at least a few juices per week while I’m working. I really believe that putting all the nutrients and superfoods into my body changes how I feel after seeing and feeling the difference when I’m drinking OH! Juice daily versus not at all.

Are you having an upcoming surgery? Please reach out to us for advice on which juices to incorporate pre and post surgery. We are here to help you have a speedy and healthy recovery!

[email protected]

OH Juice Guest Blog: Confessions Of A Juice Cleanser

By: OH Juice Customer Matthew HowellStarting on a juice cleanse journey is a big deal - it's important that you feel in-the-know about what you're doing and what you can expect. One of our customers, Matthew Howell, just went through an OH Juice cleanse and he decided to write about his experience. Here's what Matthew had to say...First off I want to thank Taryn for all her hard work in making this cleanse work for me and my lifestyle. I would also like to thank Raya who was very knowledgeable and helpful when I went in to pick up my packs. Raya also went in extra early for my last pick up because I had to catch an early flight which they also put in plastic bottles and coolers for my luggage.  I appreciate the both of them going above and beyond. The cleanse for me was fantastic - this was the third time I have done a cleanse with OH Juice and it just gets better every time. Traditionally I would do the classic cleanses but this time Taryn mentioned doing one a little more custom to my everyday lifestyle. I play soccer twice a week and go to the gym four times a week so I really wanted to make sure I would get the right nutrients so I could continue to do those things. We added some juices that when Taryn was describing them I wanted nothing to do with it (Bright Eyes, Surfboard, & Pucker up). Two of them had some type of mushrooms in them and I am not a fan of mushrooms and Surfboard had jalapenos. Good thing she talked me into them because they were amazing. I for one loved Pucker Up - I could drink that every day but I believe those three are seasonal, so they aren't around long,  I definitely recommend doing a cleanse during the summer to be able to get some of those three! This was the first time I had done a 7-day cleanse and to be honest I couldn't even tell that it was 7 days - it went by so fast and I never felt hungry once. I did have a few cravings though; particularly I craved a hot coffee (which was a first) and chocolate like nobody's business, but I was able to fight it off and make it through the 7 days.  I would highly recommend OH Juice and a 5-7 day cleanse to get some really good benefits. Typically I do not have results like this cleanse, but I actually lost a total of 14 pounds. I want to say it had something to do with staying active! I will definitely be doing more cleanses with OH Juice in the future and look forward to working with Taryn, Raya and the rest of the team at OH Juice that helped make this happen.  There you have it! Interested in starting an OH Juice cleanse? Click here.

Glowing And Growing With OH Juice: A Pregnancy Story!

Odds are you know someone who is having a little bundle of joy soon (or perhaps it’s you!). Just recently, our very own OH Juice team member, Taryn, had her first child; now that she’s settled in to motherhood, Taryn has decided to blog about her experience and share how OH Juice played a very important part in her 10 month pregnancy journey. Here goes…

We’ve all heard pregnancy horror stories, whether they’re from friends, sisters, mothers and strangers. Well my story is the exact opposite. Pregnancy was a truly magical experience, where I looked my best and felt even better. From pre-pregnancy to postpartum, here’s how I juiced my way into motherhood with a happy, healthy baby girl:

Pre-preggo: After being on birth control pills for 10 years, I decided to stop taking them June of 2015. That July I completed the longest cleanse I've ever done, consuming only juice for 14 days straight; two weeks later, BAAM, I was pregnant! Detoxing my body was the best thing I could have done before becoming pregnant. By getting all my toxins out prior to pregnancy I avoided the next concern—morning sickness.

Morning sickness: It didn’t faze me. I did not feel nauseous once. Tired? Run down? Nope, nothing. I actually had an increase in energy! Drinking just one to two juices per day, I continued cruising with no signs I was growing another human inside of me. Other than the bump of course.

*Advice for expecting moms: when nothing seems appetizing and you can’t hold anything down, go for the juice! Try our Green Routine—the ginger settles the stomach and gives your body the folic acid needed in those beginning weeks of pregnancy. Also try OH! My Greens, packed with leafy greens giving you three pounds of organic produce in every bottle! Juicing is the easiest way to get the nutrients into your body when dealing with the dreadful morning sickness!

Prenatals: When searching for the best prenatal vitamins you always check the ingredients. Well, OH Juice had me covered! By making sure I had a variety of juices – fruit, green and beet – I was consuming all the vital micronutrients needed to create a healthy baby. At OH Juice we also add amazing superfoods that are nutrient powerhouses, packing large doses of antioxidants, polyphenols, vitamins and minerals. With these extra ingredients, I decided to skip the capsules and use juice as my prenatals.

What juices when: Having a Nice Melons or Repear in the mornings gave my body the carbohydrates needed to fuel me throughout the day. At around 2 p.m. I would grab a green juice (the perfect afternoon snack), and for protein, Cacao POW or Cookies N Protein almond mylk hit the spot and helped fill me up with 13 grams of added vegan protein. Sometimes I would go for the greens first thing in the morning and save my fruit juice for that 2 p.m. hour. When I woke up very hungry I would pound down a protein mylk first thing. There really are no rules - using the juices as my tools and listening to my body equaled success!

Iron Issue: Like the majority of pregnant women, I had to get my iron levels up. Using our Detox Me and Support Me superfood shots, I was able to increase my iron by 12 points. These magical mixtures can be ordered in 16 oz quantity, which I took full advantage of. In just 2 weeks my iron was up. I continue to consume one of my favorite juices, Berry Exotic, rich with beets and greens, with a daily superfood shot to maintain my iron level.

Sleeping: Minus the occasional nighttime pee breaks, sleeping wasn't an issue. I actually started snoring! Having a Maca Mylk before bed helped calm my body down (and also was an amazing treat, which you will discover). Maca helps with hormone balancing and for all you mommies out there – a serious necessity during and after pregnancy!

Cravings: The tastiest part of my pregnancy was the fact that I got to drink our fabulous protein almond mylks all the time (these sinless mylks are high in protein and good fats but low in calories). Needless to say, these were my pregnancy craving. And for all  the coffee loving moms-to- be out there, we have the perfect substitute -- - Karma Latte -- amazing latte taste, minus the caffeine. So drink up mamas! Your mind won't know the difference, but your baby and your body with be thanking you!

These numbers don’t lie: During my pregnancy I consumed around 1,200 lbs of organic produce from juice alone! After a 17 hour natural birth, we welcomed Tanna to the world, weighing in at 8 lbs 14oz! I was able to stay active up until the day of birth, feeling beautiful and strong throughout my whole pregnancy, labor and postpartum. I owe the success of my body to OH Juice and the nutrient dense variety of juices that supported my pregnancy journey!  I continue to drink one to two juices a day, keeping my energy levels up and breast milk flowing, while shedding the extra baby pounds. Tanna is a healthy and happy baby drinking breast milk flowing with nutrients from these juices.

In case you’re wondering, the juices are unpasteurized, raw beverages; however, being Certified Organic and knowing the farmers who grow our produce, I felt 100 percent safe consuming our juices while pregnant. I encourage you to consult with your midwife or doctor before juicing during pregnancy. You can email me directly with questions about how to incorporate juicing before, during or postpartum! We have exclusive pregnancy plans for expecting mamas and I would love to help you find the perfect mix of juices for you and your growing bundle of joy!

[email protected]