Laurie Carey Testimonial 60 Day

I am 40 years old, have PCOS, Insulin Resistance and a Hypothyroid and have found it impossible to lose any weight. In fact, I can’t stop gaining weight. In the last 6 years, since being diagnosed with a Hypothyroid, I had put on 97 pounds. That’s about 16 pounds a year! Naturally, I have tried different diets and exercise plans including the Paleo diet and a CrossFit boot camp with no success. After watching Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead, a documentary about a man who reversed his health and lost 90 pounds juicing for 60 days, I decided I wanted to try a long-term juice cleanse.

Having learned quite a bit about nutrition during my research, I decided the juice should be cold-pressed, stored in glass bottles and should contain a variety superfoods for maximum nutrition. I also work full-time, so I realized I would not be able to produce 6 different juices a day on my own. That is a full time job in itself! So, I started looking at juice companies in the San Diego area. There was only one company that met my standards… Oh! Juice. Another plus was that they delivered early in the morning for a very reasonable price. This made it even more convenient! My only concern was that the cost would be more than I could budget for. I reached out to Oh! Juice and Taryn and Hanna immediately got back to me. I told them about my health concerns and informed them that I was not wealthy. To my surprise, they worked with me so that I could afford a 60 day cleanse! I went up to Carlsbad, did a tasting of their juices, which are delicious and they put together a custom cleanse based on my likes and nutritional needs.

It’s been 30 days now and I have already lost 20 pounds! My skin is glowing, I have lost all joint pain and I feel amazing! Funny thing is, I don’t feel like I’m fasting. I have more energy now than when I was eating! And, not only have I lost inches from my waist, hips and chest, but I have even lost an inch around my neck and an inch off my calves!

A big part of my success has been the support that I have had; that is key! Taryn and Hanna have been right there whenever I’ve had questions or concerns. And, my husband was so impressed with what Oh! Juice had to offer that he jumped on board too! I know the cleanse would have been way harder for me had he not decided to juice as well. What was most surprising was the support I received from my son. He’s 14 and loves fast food. He would be sitting next to me eating In & Out Burger and I would say; “Can I just have one fry?” “NO!” he exclaimed. “You are doing so good; I will not let you cheat!” He also tells me how amazing I look and how proud he is of me.

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