Dustin and his wife were inspired to do a 60-day juice cleanse after seeing the documentary, Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead. His wife, Laurie has been having some health issues that caused her to gain weight and said he could use a health boost of his own. He lost 24 lbs during the first 30 days of his juice cleanse, Laurie lost 20. Read Laurie’s testimonial HERE.

OH! Juice made it realistic to try a huge lifestyle change like this, the man in Fat Sick & Nearly Dead was single with no children, had a film crew, lots of money and didn’t have to work. “It would be so hard to do this type of juicing on your own. It would be nearly impossible with work, family, activities, etcetera… Making the juice would become its own fulltime job with all the sourcing of the quality produce, superfoods, and cleanup.”

Dustin and Laurie did a mix of deliveries and pickups biweekly to make sure they had enough juice on hand at all times, six juices per day for the first 30 days before they started to incorporate solid foods:

I was worried that the calorie intake wouldn’t give me enough energy, never had a problem, I had tons of energy. I kept expecting to crash and never did. I was also worried about caffeine withdrawals because I had tried to lower my coffee intake previously. I was at 3-4 cups a day. I just had a dull headache one night, no other symptoms.

“You really notice when you put the good stuff in, the bad stuff comes right out,” said Dustin. “Keeping a belly full of water is key for us, it really helped with the detox symptoms as well as hunger” His tip is to keep a big cup of water by your side the whole time. The first improvements Dustin saw was in his and his wife’s skin, as you can see in the pictures,“You don’t really notice it in yourself, but I really noticed it on my wife right away and she said the same thing. Our dark eye circles were gone”

Juicing with OH! Juice was a huge time saver for Dustin and Laurie, “You’re never spending time thinking about what you’re going to eat, planning meals, cooking, cleaning, doing dishes. We found ourselves wondering what to do with all our extra time at lunch and dinner. We started taking long walks instead during those mealtimes.”

Dustin even went on a ski trip with his buddies and lowered his juice intake to 3-4 juices per day and was able to stick to clean, healthy salads, fruits, vegetables and nuts to stay on track during his cleanse. It was very important to them that they didn’t miss out on social events. They even brought their juices to happy hours with coworkers and friends. Friends and family were really supportive and understood their goals and didn’t want to derail their progress.

I really expected to be craving mexican food, but I didn’t really. I only craved red meat and other clean foods, nothing unhealthy. The hardest part was there wasn’t much to help savory cravings. Salted nuts and seeds were really helpful for that. I kept thinking I could really go for ______, but I don’t need it.

After 30 days of juice, Dustin and Laurie rewarded themselves with salads from Tender Greens and are now incorporating clean foods into their cleanse. Their stomachs have shrunk so they don’t need as much food and want to maintain the lower calorie, higher quality intake. Always go into your cleanse thinking you’re going to cleanse for double the time to add foods back in to help maintain your results.

30 days was the right amount for anyone looking to commit to a big change. I lost most of the weight within the first 14 days, so that could be a good amount of time for someone who doesn’t need as much of a reset as we did. I don’t know how anyone could manage a juice fast on their own

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