How Long Will Fresh Juice Last?


Have you ever taken a big gulp of a juice you made just hours ago, expecting a refreshing feeling only to get disappointed? It brings up the question, how long will fresh juice last? Usually, it lasts 24 hours after juicing. Nevertheless, how long fresh juice remains fresh depends on your juice’s contents, how you extracted it, and how you are storing it.

Let us discuss each of these factors in detail:

  • What is in your juice?

Different types of juices go bad faster compared to others. For example, orange juice may last longer than carrot juice. Thus, this means that the freshness of you juice is highly dependent on its ingredients.

  • How you extracted the juice

There are two main categories of juicers- masticating juicers and centrifugal juicers. Masticating juicers are commonly referred to as cold or slow juicers because of the juicers’ slow crushing.

Thus, when extracting juice from fruits or vegetables, the slow crushing process prevents the juice from heating up, preventing oxidation. Therefore, juice extracted by this method can last for a maximum of 3 days before it starts going bad.

On the other hand, a centrifugal juicer is a juicer whose blades spin fast and suck in a lot of air during the process. The fast-spinning heats the juice, and then sucking in air aids oxidation. Thus, juice extracted from this extractor will spoil more quickly.

Have you ever bitten an apple and left it in the open air for too long? It goes brown. That is because of the oxidation process. Therefore, when looking to extract fresh juice that will last for long, consider extracting it through a masticating juicer.

  • Where you store your juice

Another vital factor that affects the freshness of your juice is where you store it. Here are some of the commonly available storage options for fresh juices:

  • Mason Jar

Glass jars are a common way to store juice. Storing your fresh-made juice extracted from a centrifugal juicer in a mason jar can last only a day. However, if extracted through a masticating juicer, the drink can last as long as three days (if stored in a fridge)

  • In the freezer

You can put your juice in the freezer, though it is not recommended because the juice loses some of its nutritional value over time. Storing your juice in the freezer is a sure way to extend its longevity since you can drink it for as long as six months. However, make sure it is defrosted before drinking it.

Freezing juice is a suitable option, especially if you grow fruits and have a bumper harvest. That way, it will be better to freeze the excess than to throw it away. When freezing, remember to leave some space in the storage container to prevent it from bursting once the juice freezes.

How Can You Make Fresh Juice Last Longer?

There are steps you can take to ensure your juice lasts longer:

  • Extract the juice from fresh fruits- for your juice to last longer, it needs to be made of fresh products. If you make juice out of fruits that are almost going bad, the juice will not last long.
  • Proper storage- Always store your juice in a clean and airtight container. We recommend storing your juice in a glass container because they are eco-friendly and are easy to wash.
  • Vacuum seal- choose a blender or extractor that vacuum seals the fresh juice into your storage container after storage. It will help keep it fresh for a long time.
  • Change your juice recipe- adding natural citrus to fresh juice to increase its shelf life. Citrus can be obtained from lime, oranges, and lemon. Citrus fruits have citric acid, which is a natural preservative.
  • Store the juice after extraction- once you are done juicing and serving your glass, you should store it immediately. Leaving the juice out in the open for long will lead to oxidation and flavor contamination.
  • Use ice packs and a cooler bag when traveling- if you intend to travel with your freshly extracted juice, you should always use ice packs and cooler bags. Avoid keeping the juice where there is direct sunlight.

Should You Make Your Juice a Day in Advance?

With our tips above on making your juice last long, you can make your juice a day before. However, you need to store it in an airtight container and use a masticating jar. You can store it in a fridge and ensure it remains there until it is time or consumption.

How Do You Know If Your Juice Has Gone Bad?

There are several ways to tell your juice has gone bad. First, you can tell through the smell. If your juice has a different smell and you are not sure whether it is good or bad, it has probably gone bad. Fresh juice has an inviting aroma.

Second, you can tell by the juice changing color. If your juice has a different color from that it had when you extracted it, it may have gone bad. However, note that your juice may change color slightly due to oxidation, and it is normal. But when the juice completely changes color, it may not be safe to drink.

Final Words

It is refreshing to have cold fresh juice going down your throat in the morning or at any time of the day. When should you drink your juice? A popular myth is that to benefit fully from fresh juice, you need to drink it immediately. However, fresh juice retains its nutritional value as long as it is well stored and not frozen.

But how long will your juice remain fresh? And how do you store it for long? We have discussed what affects how long the juice lasts and how to ensure it lasts long. Always remember to taste your stored juice to determine if it is good before gulping it all.

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