HANDUP | Our Vision for Better Communites

To create better world through local community outreach initiatives in highlighting  humanitarian projects
we feel passionnate about. The many cultures that frequent Madiba, and the andearing living legacy of Nelson Mandela,
inspire us to do more in our own communities, to make them better, more tolerant and healthier to learn , work and live in.
It is by combined powers of good intent, and action that we can amplify our positive footprints on the peoples of the world.

We are engaged on three fronts currently: Education, Urban Renewal or Environment and Equal Rights.
Our projects are locally based, but through others we support inspiring and effective projects
back in our homeland of South Africa.

lf you would like to know how to get involved, please contact us.
lf you’d like to donate and want to put your funds where it matters, there are a few organizations below
lised on the different areas, that match your interest.

Ubuntu Education Fund
Two men of different race and generation – one South African, one American – are partners in a common cause. From a chance meeting in 1998 in New Brighton Township, South Africa. Banks Gwaxula and Jacob Lief came to realise that they shared more than a common interest in soccer.
The two shared an abiding in the power of education
Today, they have more than 24.000 young individuals enrolled in their education programs.

Amandla Development
The name Amamdla comes from the Xhosa/Zulu tradition of call- and-response. A crowd member declares ‘Amandial’ meaning ‘power’ and the crowd responds ‘Ngawethul’ adding that the power “is ours”. This organization facilitates proper NGO service delivery in Philippi Cape Town.

All for Africa Foundation
In reaction to coming face to face with the impacts of war and poverty on the health and well being of millons of Africans, a group of New York based entrepreneurs launched a number of new ventures to bring significant investment in infrastructure and employment opportunities to the African continent to better control their economic destinies

African Dream Intiative gives promising but disadvantaged children the resources to become Africa’s future leaders. We provide quality education and help them buid the skills they need to make their communities places where dreams can come true

PS20 Farms
One of our latest projects. Started by Zachary Pickens, who also created Madiba’s own Amandla rooftop garden. PS20 Farms aims to educate 4th and 5th graders about the value of, and equip them with the skill for urban farming, in essence to teach them to grow their own food.

GMHC is the world’s first and leading provider of HIV/AIDS prevention, care and advocacy. Building on decades of dedication and expertise. We understand the reality of HIV/AIDS and empower a healthy life for all.


The international Gay and Lesbian Human Rights commission (IGLHRC) is a leading international organization dedicated to human rights advocacy on behalf of people who experience discrimination or abuse on the basis of their actual or perceived sexual orientation, gender identily or expression.
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