How to Season a Carbon Steel Wok


Carbon steel cookware is becoming more and more popular, but why is that? Well, much like cast iron pans, carbon steel pans have outstanding heat retention and pretty poor heat conduction. For this reason, cast iron pans are ideal for pan-roasting a variety of meats. Spun or stamped from sheets of metal rather than cast … Read more

How Long to Boil Cabbage

Boiled cabbage plate

Cabbage is a veggie that comes in many shapes and sizes, forming part of the brassica family along with turnips, radishes, kale, and arugula. You’ll also find the aromatic cauliflower and many more veggies in this family. Today, we’ll be exploring cabbage, specifically how long to boil it for if you want some nutritious greens … Read more

What Temperature is Medium Steak?


You might think there is nothing much to grilling a steak, but you might be surprised at how much is involved if you want to get this right. The following variables all impact how long it takes to cook your steak: Type of steak Thickness of steak Heat of grill Whether you’re cooking a New … Read more

How Was Popcorn Invented?


The enticing smell of freshly popped popcorn immediately brings a movie theater to mind. Whether you’re heading out to watch the latest blockbuster at the theater or firing up some popcorn at home for a Netflix binge, you may have asked yourself how was popcorn invented in the first place. We’ll walk you through the … Read more

How to Make Cornbread with Corn


Cornbread is a classic Southern savory dish works wonderfully with chili or ribs, and you can make this traditional favorite using either fresh or frozen corn for an extra taste sensation. The best cornbread is moist and slightly sweet, and it has boasts a wonderful crumb. Even better? If you follow our recipe today, you’ll … Read more

How to Make Sticky Rice in Rice Cooker


Rice comes in many different types, and one of the most alluring is sticky rice. Also known as glutinous rice or sweet rice, you can find many varieties of sticky rice, coming from Japan and China, as well as Thailand. Typically, sticky rice is steamed, and we’ll show you how to do that below. Did … Read more

How to Make Coconut Rice in Rice Cooker


Coconut rice is a dish typically associated with Thai and Indian cuisine. You’ll need very few ingredients to make delicious coconut rice, and you won’t need much time either. In just 20 minutes, you can end up with restaurant-style rice on your plate, and it won’t be gloopy and clumped together, but light and fluffy … Read more

How to Use a Rice Cooker


Many people who have not yet experienced using a rice cooker question whether it’s worth investing in an appliance that’s not the most versatile when you could just as easily use a pan and some boiling water. Well, that’s the thing. It isn’t just as easy to make rice in a pan. You’ll need to … Read more

How to Dry Mushrooms in the Oven


Fresh mushrooms are one of the most delightful seasonal bounties, so the last thing you want is those freshly foraged mushrooms going to waste. When you dry mushrooms, they make a superb addition to the following dishes: Risottos Pasta Sauces Soups While the best dried mushrooms can be expensive, and they can be hard to … Read more

How to Cook Pizza in a Wood-Fired Oven


How you bake your pizza will directly impact the quality of the pie on your plate. While you can cook pizza serviceably in a gas or electric oven, if you use a traditional wood-fired pizza oven. It’s only with a dedicated pizza oven that you’ll achieve the searing temperatures you need to perfectly char the … Read more