The 15 Best Wine Racks


When you’re storing wine, there are a few pointers you should bear in mind. We’ll be highlighting this and more in today’s guide to the best wine racks out there.

While both red wine and white wine need to be served at slightly different temperatures (white cooler than red), for long-term storage, you should aim to keep both red and white wines at 50F.

Make sure your wine is stored away from an source of bright light.

So, where should you store your wine, then?

Firstly, keep it well away from the kitchen refrigerator. Fridges are too loud and there’s too much light. Beyond this, the vibration might disturb the sediment in the wine bottle, while storing bottles vertically will cause the corks to dry out, potentially breaking off when you insert your corkscrew.

If you haven’t got the space, budget, or inclination for a beverage cooler or a wine cooler, wine racks make a neat alternative.

Buying a rack certainly isn’t the most complicated buying decision you’ll face, but there are nevertheless a few pointers worth bearing in mind.

  • Capacity: The most critical element of your buying decision hinges on the capacity of the rack in question. Make sure you think beyond today. If you plan to build your wine collection over time, plan accordingly when it comes to storage
  • Style of rack: Freestanding wine racks are the most popular and flexible models you’ll find. Pop the rack on the kitchen counter or leave it freestanding just about anywhere. You’ll also find stackable racks and modular racks. With these, you’ll find storage is optimized, and you can also add to them over time as your wine collection grows
  • Access: Open racks allow you to more easily monitor and access your wine collection
  • Build: Steel or wooden wine racks are your best bets. Make sure build quality is robust and that you don’t encounter any negative blowback from users concerning the way the rack is put together. Wooden racks may look more attractive, but you’ll need to put in more effort with upkeep
  • Additional storage space: If you need a home for your wine glasses, decanter, or any other accessories, look for wine racks offering additional shelving
  • Installation: Not all wine racks are equal when it comes to ease of installation. We flag any problems in this area with the racks on our list, and we’d urge you to avoid any with a reputation for tough installation

OK, with those basics in place, you should now be ideally positioned to navigate our showcase of the best wine racks at your disposal.

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The 15 Best Wine Racks

1. Our #1 Pick: Mango Steam 32-Bottle Wine Rack


First up and our overall favorite wine rack comes from Mango Steam, one of a pair of entries from this innovative brand. What do you get for your money, then?

This rack makes a commanding impression in terms of design. The bottles are stored horizontally in rakish diagonal lines.

The stainless steel frame is powder-coated and you won’t spot any visible screws marring the clean lines.

Strong and stable, you’ll have space for up to 32 bottles of your favorite wine in this rack.

If you’re placing the rack in a basement or anywhere with an uneven floor, the stabilizers under the rack should ensure you can position it perfectly level.

Already a space-saving unit when you consider the generous capacity, you’ll also get some storage space on top. The tempered glass allows you to set down your wine bottle, corkscrew, glasses, and anything else you need. You could also use this space for some ornaments if you already have a wine cabinet to serve your drinks from.

Overall, this wine rack provides the optimum marriage of capacity and a compact footprint, making it one of the most versatile all-rounders on our shortlist.

Things We Like

  • Tempered glass top for storage
  • Floor levelers
  • Generous capacity

Things We Dislike

  • Finish could be improved

2. Also Great: Homfa Bamboo 16-Bottle Wine Rack


If you have limited space but you need to store a cluster of wine bottles without investing in an expensive wine cooler, Homfa serves up a squat but spacious rack ideal for the purpose.

The intelligent design affords you a great deal of storage space in a small unit. The wooden top of the rack can be used for display or storage purposes. A small shelf sits below this, and you’ll then see some hooks for hanging your wine glasses on. Below, four wooden shelves each have space for four standard bottles of 750ml Bordeaux.

Made from bamboo, you’ll get the strength and stability you need to hold 16 bottles of wine in a unit that will enhance your room rather than cluttering it up.

While the vast bulk of user testimony is positive, we found a handful of complaints about the glasses hanging on the hooks clashing with the upper row of bottles. While the storage set-up looks great, if you were planning to run it at full capacity, you could end up disappointed.

Things We Like

  • Lots of display space
  • Rugged, stylish bamboo build
  • Hangers for wine glasses

Things We Dislike

  • Glasses can crowd bottles

3. Large Pick: Decomil 72-Bottle Wine Rack


Do you have a large and growing wine collection at home? If so, maybe you’re finding you have inadequate space in your wine cooler and you need an overspill solution. This sprawling rack will plug that gap neatly.

With room for up to 72 bottles, you’ll need to make sure you have the room to house the rack. It measures up at 41 x 10 x 33.5 inches, so it’s not small or compact.

The notched and slotted wooden shelving fits together slickly, and you’ll be treated to a strong and stable home for your wine bottles. The wooden shelves won’t scratch the labels on your vintage bottles other, a common bugbear with wire shelving.

Shelves are shaped to cosset your bottles, and they’re also slightly tilted to provide the optimum storage set-up for all types of wine.

You should find this rack is quite simple to set up, and you won’t need any tools or any DIY expertise to get up and running.

Once it’s in place, you’ll have no shortage of wine storage, and the rack is backed by a 1-year limited warranty for your peace of mind. If you have plenty of space indoors, this is one of the best wine racks you’ll find, especially if you’re looking to accommodate a burgeoning collection.

Things We Like

  • Space for 72 bottles
  • Knot-free bamboo construction
  • Toll-free assembly

Things We Dislike

  • Quite a bulky wine rack

4. Budget Pick: mDesign 2-Bottle Wine Rack


Not everyone wants a hulking wine rack that dominates the kitchen, so mDesign offers you a small and stackable option with this 2-bottle wine rack. You get a pair of these stackable racks bundled.

This rack is functional rather than attractive, so if you’re looking for something to liven up your man cave or study, this is likely not the best choice. If, on the other hand, you simply need a safe and secure spot to store a handful of wine bottle horizontally, this rack is a smart bet.

The BPA-free plastic is shatter-free and should give you years of faithful service. While you won’t get the elegance of wooden shelving, you won’t endure scratched labels on your wine bottles either, something that commonly happens with wire shelves.

Upkeep couldn’t be much easier. All you need to do is wipe the rack down with some warm, soapy water and then dry it off to keep everything spotless.

If you have a smaller collection of wine to accommodate, this is one of the best wine racks up for grabs, and it’s priced firmly in budget territory, too.

Things We Like

  • Stackable countertop solution
  • Shatter-free plastic
  • Easily washable

Things We Dislike

  • No use for large collections

5. O&K Furniture Wine Rack Table


Next up we have a wine rack that doubles up as a comprehensive table and storage solution, so how does it shape up?

The completely open storage is perfect if you have a small collection of exquisite wine that you want to keep permanently showcased. There’s space for up to 7 bottles stored horizontally. This ensures the cork remains in contact with the liquid to prevent it drying out and becoming damaged.

The construction combined metal and MDF to deliver durability and stability in an eye-catching combination.

There is plenty of room for your decanter, aerator, corkscrew, or anything else you need to enjoy your vino at its finest on the shelves and top of this unit.

While you don’t have the room for a large collection of wine, if you want all your supplies and paraphernalia close to hand while showing off your favorite wine bottles, this is a wonderful display and storage unit rolled into one.

Things We Like

  • Versatile wine cabinet
  • MDF and metal
  • Straightforward assembly

Things We Dislike

  • Laminate wrapping not ideal

6. JK Adams 40-Bottle Wine Rack


Next in line we have something rather more substantial with this 40-bottle rack from JK Adams. Is it worth the money, though?

Well, this is certainly not the cheapest wine rack out there, but ask yourself this: when did buying the cheapest product lead you to the best solution?

In return for the stiff price tag, you get an impressive oak finish that comes from sustainably-grown American hardwood.

The modular build allows you to configure this rack to suit. You’ll have space for up to 40 bottles of your favorite wine, giving you ample latitude for a small to mid-sized collection.

Despite the striking good looks, care and upkeep is simple. All you need to do is wipe down the shelves with a damp cloth and carefully dry them to keep this expanse of oak looking pristine for years to come.

The manufacturer will replace this unit at any stage if you run into any problems, allowing you to buy a wine rack to last for years with complete confidence.

Things We Like

  • Space-saving storage
  • Decent capacity for 40 bottles
  • Classic oak construction

Things We Dislike

  • Inconsistent build

7. Sorbus Wall-Mounted Wine Rack


Sorbus is a highly reputable name in this vertical, and this wall-mounted wine rack is a superb option for anyone working with space constraints.

This rack is marketed as a multipurpose storage solution ideal not only for wine bottles, but also for towels. You have space for a half-dozen of either.

For wine lovers, the shelves are designed to cradle regular bottles of 750ml Bordeaux as well as bulkier champagne bottles. This gives you more scope than many competing racks can muster.

The horizonal storage ensures the cork and liquid stay in contact, preventing the corks from drying out and potentially breaking when you thrust in your corkscrew.

Made from iron, the aesthetic is utilitarian, and you should enjoy years of faithful service from this wine rack.

You can also add more racks to this unit with the minimum of fuss if you need to expand storage slightly.

Things We Like

  • Holds wine bottles or towels
  • Keeps wine corks moist
  • Durable iron build

Things We Dislike

  • Quality control is lacking

8. Sorbus Freestanding Wine Rack


Sorbus serves up another great wine rack with this freestanding variant.

As with all the larger racks on our shortlist, make certain you have enough space for placement. This unit measures up at 15 x 9.5 x 39.5 inches.

In return for a roomier footprint, you’ll be rewarded with storage space for up to 40 bottles of your favorite wine. Tiered storage spans 10 levels, allowing you to categorize and segregate your wine for easy access.

Now, if you collect lots of vintage wine with fragile labels, place them on these wire shelves with care to avoid damaging the labels.  The metal build is finished with a matte black to soften the appearance.

Assembly couldn’t be much easier and you won’t need to be a DIY expert to have this thing assembled in minutes.

While we found mainly positive user reviews for this model, we found some isolated complaints about this rack lacking stability. We would advise against filling it to complete capacity. If you need more room, explore some of the beefier wine racks on our list.

Things We Like

  • 10-tier storage
  • Space for 40 bottles
  • Minimal assembly needed

Things We Dislike

  • Not the most stable set-up

9. Mango Steam 6-Bottle Wine Rack


Mango Steam makes another appearance with this dinky wine rack ideal for a half-dozen bottles of vino. How does it shape up?

The countertop design is perfect if you have a kitchen crowded with appliances but you’re not prepared to compromise on wine storage. The unit also acts as a solid overspill container if your wine cooler or wine cellar is positioned out of the way.

The metal rack is powder coated. The black finish looks equally at home in a traditional or modern design scheme.

The storage space provides home for up to 6 bottles, and they’ll nestle closely together without the labels catching against one another. Be careful when removing the bottles to avoid any scuffing against the metal.

This rack comes completely assembled so makes a neat fit for anyone disinclined to break out the tools or start assembling tasky bits of furniture.

Designed for vertical or horizontal use, the snag when using this horizontally is the way it rests directly on the kitchen counter. This minor gripe aside, you’re getting a great value wine rack perfect for a handful of bottles. If you need something larger, on the other hand, check out the next model on our list…

Things We Like

  • Nifty countertop solution
  • Holds 6 bottles snugly
  • Use horizontal or vertical

Things We Dislike

  • Rests directly on the counter when horizontal

10. Wine Rack by the Display Gifts Store


If you have a small to mid-sized collection of wine and you don’t want a dedicated wine cooler filling your kitchen, this 36-bottle plugs the gap nicely.

The robust wooden shelving is designed to caress and support your wine bottles without causing any damage to the labels.

Shelving is arranged in a layout of 6 racks each holding 6 bottles of wine. If this doesn’t gel with your needs, the manufacturer offers a variety of alternatives, both larger and smaller.

The pine wood comes unfinished, and the pale shelves will add an element of style to the room rather than being something you want to hide away.

You’ll need just a few minutes for assembly with no tools required. You simply put the rack together like pieces of Lego to yield a first-class storage solution near-instantly.

Things We Like

  • Thick wooden shelves
  • 6 rows of storage
  • Capacity for 36 bottles

Things We Dislike

  • Quite a substantial rack

11. Winsome Ancona Wine Rack


If you like the convenience of wine racks, but you want something that looks less functional and more decorative, Winsome offers the Ancona, an expansive unit providing mixed storage.

The unit is made from composite wood finished in a very dark brown. Whether you want the rack in your study, man cave, or kitchen, it won’t look out of place anywhere.

There’s space for up to 20 wine bottles in a layout of 5 x 4 cubbyholes.

Beyond this, you’ll also have space for up to 12 of your favorite glasses, so you have all you need for a dinner party within easy reach. You can hang these on the hooks provided.

You will need to factor in assembly, so if you’re not too practically-inclined and you want a wine rack that’s good to go right out the box, this is not for you. If, however, you’re prepared to put in a little effort, you’ll be rewarded with a wine storage solution that will last for years.

Things We Like

  • Holds 20 bottles
  • Accommodates wine glasses
  • Finished in rich espresso

Things We Dislike

  • Fairly tricky to put together

12. Pengke Freestanding Wine Rack


As we near the end of our collection of the best wine racks, we have a small freestanding unit from Pengke. This might not be the first name that trips off the tongue when you’re shopping for wine accessories, so it is worth taking a chance on an outsider?

Well, you’ll only have space here for 6 bottles of vino, so if you need a more spacious solution, check out the many larger wine racks on our shortlist. If you’re happy to home a half-dozen bottles, read on.

The gold finish to the metal rack polarizes opinion. You can set this on the kitchen counter or leave it freestanding to suit.

Measuring up at 10 x 8 x 10 inches, you won’t need too much space for this rack, and in return you’ll have the freedom of keeping a clutch of your favorite bottles on hand and on-demand.

Although most users reviews are pretty positive concerning this rack, we found some scattered complaints about many wine bottles not fitting neatly into this rack.

We’re impressed with the 100% satisfaction guarantee, allowing you to buy with total confidence that the manufacturer has your back.

Things We Like

  • Holds a half-dozen bottles
  • Countertop or cabinet installation
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

Things We Dislike

  • Won’t accommodate all wine bottles

13. Rustic State Wall-Mounted Wine Rack


If you live in an apartment or you have a crowded kitchen where space is at a premium, the last thing you want is another bulky wine accessory. This wall-mounted rack lets you store multiple wine bottles laid horizontally.

Don’t be put off buying a wall-mounted unit for fear the installation will be complicated. Setting this rack up couldn’t be easier, and you’ll even get a level thrown unit so you everything you need included.

You’ll have space to hang up a few rows of wine glasses underneath the shelf for storing your wine bottles.

This configuration will certainly not take the place of a large wine cooler, but it makes a superb interim storage solution between wine cellar and table. Keep the bulk of your collection chilling long-term, and bring out a few bottles as you need them. Alternatively, this also works well if you have a small wine collection and you never keep more than a few bottles at a time.

Things We Like

  • Wall-mounted installation
  • Easy to install with mini level included
  • Hang wine glasses underneath rack

Things We Dislike

  • Issues with quality control

14. Gongshi Store Stackable Wine Rack

The Gongshi Store is packed with bargains for you or the wine lover in your life.

This is a squat and space-saving rack that gives you room for a dozen bottles of wine. Each of the 3 shelves will comfortably accommodate 4 bottles.

Since the shelving is made from metal, exercise caution when removing your bottles so the labels stay intact rather than scuffed by the wire.

As with most of the wine racks you’ll encounter, this thing is designed around regular 750ml bottles of Bordeaux. If you often buy larger bottles, you should consider an alternative rack.

Overall, this is a no-nonsense freestanding wine rack that delivers everything you need and nothing you don’t. If you’re happy with the 12-bottle capacity, we think you’ll be extremely impressed.

Things We Like

  • Compact rack
  • Space for 12 bottles of wine
  • Powder-coated steel build

Things We Dislike

  • Image in listing is misleading

15. Kamenstein Freestanding Wine Rack


Last but not least in our search for the best wine racks comes this freestanding gem from Kamenstein.

The butterfly design of this rack makes a conversation piece, but is it a case of form over function?

Absolutely not! There’s space for 8 bottles of wine, so this rack won’t make a substitute for a full-sized wine cooler, but then that’s not its intended purpose. With this rack, you can grab a few bottles from your cellar or cooler and leave them close to hand for serving.

You can keep the bottles stored horizontally to prevent corks drying out and breaking off.

The wooden build gives you strength and durability while remaining reasonably lightweight, tipping the scales at just over 5 pounds.

While we could find no complaints about the design of this rack, a few disgruntled users gripe about build quality. We feel you’re getting outstanding value for money at this price point.

Whether you want to pop this rack on the kitchen counter or leave it freestanding, you’re getting an elegant and functional unit from a brand you can trust.

Things We Like

  • Striking aesthetics
  • Horizontal storage
  • Lightweight yet durable

Things We Dislike

  • Build quality is deficient


Well, if you arrived here today unsure how to choose the best wine rack from such a crowded market, we hope that is no longer the case.

We’ve included racks today with a wide range of capacities in order to provide something for everyone. Aside from the models we review, many of the brands also have deep benches with both larger and smaller racks available.

Stick with any of the racks we review and you’ll be safe to buy with a clear understanding of their benefits and drawbacks. Veering off-piste and opt for a wine rack we didn’t review is no problem either. Just bear in mind the buying guidance up above and you should have no snags choosing the most appropriate rack.

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