The 14 Best Smokers for Beginners to Grill Like Pros


Smoking meats like brisket or beef short ribs is remarkably rewarding and generates a taste you can’t replicate using other cooking methods. Many beginners are put off smoking, though, and this often comes after unwittingly purchasing a smoker unsuitable for newcomers. Today, we’ll help you avoid this mistake with our showcase of the best smokers … Read more

The 16 Best BBQ Smokers


When you’re exploring the best BBQ smokers, you’ll find more than just the classic offset smoker in the Texan style. With newer technologies continuing to gain currency, you can also find BBQ smokers fueled by propane gas, natural gas, and wood pellets. You can also find plenty of electric BBQ smokers. The advantage of these … Read more

The 12 Best Keurig Coffee Makers


Keurig is the most popular brand producing single-serve coffee machines, but choosing from one of their huge number of machines can be confusing. To make this decision easier for you, today we round up the 12 best Keurig coffee makers from the deep bench, enabling you to determine which would make the smoothest fit for … Read more

The 12 Best Deep Fat Fryers


While we fully embrace air fryers and love the way you can get healthy and crispy golden food without using much cooking oil. The things is, air fryers cannot compete with deep fat fryers when it comes to imparting that trademark taste. Our advice? Keep your air fryer for a variety of new and inspiring … Read more

The 10 Best Lump Charcoals for a Traditional BBQ


When it comes to grilling, nothing can rival the flavor and aroma imparted by cooking with a charcoal grill. What about the fuel, though? Well, while you might initially think of charcoal briquettes, it’s well worth considering the authentic option of lump charcoal. In essence, charcoal briquettes and lump charcoal are one and the same … Read more

The 15 Best Wood Pellets for Smoking Food Like a Pro


Pellet grills are made to accommodate special wood pellets instead of hunks of wood or charcoal. The best wood pellets for smoking are essentially nothing more than small chunks of compressed sawdust. Typically made from pieces of real wood that’s salvaged from lumber mills, these pieces are shredded and dried then forced through a small … Read more

The 17 Best BBQ Rubs to Bring Out The Best in Your Meat


The right rub can make good meat taste great, and great meat taste absolutely exceptional. Now, while many pitmasters and grill specialists are intensely secretive about their preferred rub recipe, you can find many outstanding rubs pre-made. Indeed, the quality of readymade rubs is so high these days that you really can’t go wrong. You … Read more

The 15 Best Smoker Thermometers


If you try using your grill or smoker without an accurate thermometer, you’ll more than likely end up ruining some food. At best, you’ll waste time fussing over the meat, worrying about whether it’s cooked all the way through. Often, the thermometers bundled with grills and smokers leave a lot to be desired when it … Read more

The Best Outdoor Gas Griddles for the Perfect All-Day Breakfast


Are you searching for the best outdoor gas griddle? If so, you’ll end up with a super-convenient form of grilling that gives you enormous flexibility. The flat top grilling surface lets you cook dishes like scrambled eggs, grilled cheese, or pancakes without worrying about them slipping down between the cooking grates. The electronic ignition on … Read more

The Best Traeger Grills to Make a Statement on the Patio


Pellet grills, also commonly called pellet smokers, are outdoor cookers that combine certain elements of kitchen ovens, gas grills, and charcoal smokers. Despite the name, these units are capable of more than just grilling or smoking. With most of the best Traeger grills on our list today, for instance, you’ll also be able to sear, … Read more

The 12 Best Wood Pellet Grills


When you’re looking for a new grill, you’re faced with a welter of options that can seem initially confusing. Today, we’ll be showcasing the best wood pellet grills on the market so you can determine whether this cooking method meshes with your needs. If you’re looking for a traditional BBQ experience, you can’t beat a … Read more

The 10 Best Kamado Grills for Slow-Cooked Excellence


If you’re looking for one of the most versatile grilling experiences, there is very little to beat one of the best kamado grills. Fueled by charcoal, these hybrid grill/smokers have been popular in principle for thousands of years. Typically made from ceramic, these grills have exceptional insulative properties. This leads to them performing very strongly … Read more