Common questions to ask yourself before you start your cleanse


1. Why is the juice so expensive?

OH! Juice is the highest quality juice in the country and still has the lowest price per ounce for the nutritional value and quality. We are 100% organic, cold-pressed, raw (hpp-free), nutritionally designed, super food enhanced, and bottled in glass, it really doesn’t get any better than that.

2. What if I’m gluten/lactose?

Perfect! There is absolutely now gluten or dairy in any of our juices.

3. What time of the day should I drink my juice?

Juices can be consumed at all times of the day. Some juices are better for working out, replacing morning coffee and curbing late night sweet cravings, however they are all great for a nutritional supplement at anytime of the day.

4. What do they taste like?

All of our ingredients come straight from the earth so they are vibrant, refreshing and are bursting with flavor. We have different flavor profiles that fit everyone’s palates. Some juices are sweet, fruit forward and remind you of child hood, while some are veggie heavy with just the right amount of fruit to enjoy them without spiking blood sugar levels. Our nut mylks are popular for guilt-free desserts and our green only juices save time for our elite juicers looking to get their veggies in for the day. Many different people have all found their favorites among our classic collection and seasonal rotation of juices.

5. How many fruits and vegetables am I getting in each juice?

In one juice you are getting any where from 3-5 pounds of raw organic produce.



6. How should I store my cleanse?

Keep refrigerated due to the contents being highly perishable.

7. Can my kid cleanse?

It is not recommended that any kid under 14 do a full cleanse, however the addition of raw organic cold-pressed juices are the best thing you can add into a child’s diet. Our juices will increase your child’s immediate health while building their foundation for health at a young age. Incorporating OH!’s vibrant juices will acclimate them to the taste and value of produce early on to ensure longterm health.

8. How much weight will I lose?

The average weight loss is approximately 3-5 pounds on a 3 day cleanse, however this is a nutritionally based cleanse and is not meant for rapid weight loss but for jump starting the long term process of weight loss and maintenance. We think of weight loss as an extra bonus. We’ve had some people lose up to 9-12 pounds, it really depends on how much weight you have to lose.

9. Will I gain all the weight back?

Yes, if you expect to eat the way you did before. A lot of people have used our cleanses as a way to get over the “hump” of cravings while breaking routines that negatively impact a healthy lifestyle. We recommend eating very clean afterwards and continuing to do shorter cleanses more often when you can to keep working towards your goals.

10. Doesn’t our bodies naturally detox on its own?

Yes they do and thank the gods for this or we wouldn’t have lasted as a species as long as we have. We like to think of our cleansing program as an assistant to our bodies and it’s astonishing capabilities to get the detoxing job done. Our bodies know how to detox but might not always have the right materials to initiate the detox process or to do it AS efficiently as it could with a couple glasses of our super-infused super-food juice!

11. Can I exercise?

YES! We promote exercise during the cleanse. We always recommend listening to your body while cleansing though. There can be times of high energy and then there can be times during your cleanse when your body might be heavily detoxing and you might only want to sit in a recliner watching Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead (a great juicing movie)! Exercising helps mobilize fat and circulate nutrients to different tissues in the body as the heart rate increases. We suggest light bouts of running, long walks and spotted weight lifting. Be prepared to have a at least a half a juice beforehand and after, possibly even a full juice if you go over an hour depending on your intensity level.

12. Will I be hungry?

Everyone is different and some people make it through 3-5 days with sustained energy and minimal hunger and then there are some people who feel the hunger more than others. Generally hunger from cleansing is provoked by appetite queues i.e. smelling food, seeing food and by imagining stuffing your face with cheesy pizza and greasy Chinese food. We suggest building a strategy for success by planning on removing yourself from situations that might risk induced appetite.

13. Can I cleanse while pregnant or breast-feeding?

It is not okay to do a full cleanse while pregnant or breastfeeding without solid food supplementation because of the lack of caloric intake. A cleanse is between 900-1,200 calories and this is not a sufficient amount of energy or “building blocks” for the body to do what it needs to during a crucial part of a developing life. However drinking OH! Juices is one of the best things you can do for your baby when you’re pregnant or breastfeeding because of the vital nutrients in juice that can be transferred to the baby. After all a healthy mom = a healthy baby.

14. If I’m diabetic can I cleanse?

Before choosing to do a cleanse, please consult with your doctor first. The best way for diabetics to get the benefits of raw cold-pressed juice is by consuming green based juices as part of a daily routine instead of a strict restricted cleanse.

15. Can I do this if I’m on blood thinners?

No, we do not recommend cleansing if you are on blood thinners because of the amount of greens that you will be getting. Like everything else check with your doctor first. Incorporating juice into your diet however will increase your health tremendously. Pick up a six-pack and drink 1-2 juices a day!

16. Shouldn’t I be getting fiber?

Normally fiber is an essential nutrient that should be part of a healthy diet but is not necessary for the short duration of a temporary cleanse. Without fiber, it allows more “space” for juice. Fiber can take up surface space in the gut and cause lack in absorption. Fiber can be found in other parts of your diet and isn’t necessary for juice, with juicing your wanting the nutrients to be absorbed easily and quickly within your body. See our blog section for more information on this topic.

17. Am I getting enough protein?

Yes. While on your cleanse you won’t be eating chicken wings, filet mignon or cheesy scrambled eggs but you will still be meeting your minimum protein requirements from dark leafy greens, fruits and nuts for the few days that you are cleansing. Typically the lack of protein becomes significantly detrimental after weeks of poor nutrition. For more information on protein, cleansing and daily requirements see our blog.

18. Can I smoke on my cleanse?

I think you already know this answer but in case you need to hear it; No. We aren’t going to tell you how to live your life, just how we live ours.

Ordering & Pick-Up

19. Do I have to order in advance?

It’s best to order in advance because it will gurantee that your order will be made and waiting for you on the day you selected pick up. However we understand cleansing can be an impulsive decision, and when you want to cleanse its now or never. You might have not had the time to go online and pre-order or call in advance but thats OK, call us- we always have fresh juice on stock to get you started on your cleanse. We might not have a full set or the exact juices you want but we will at least get you started and scheduled for your next pick-up.

20. What if I don’t order in advance?

If you didn’t order in advance don’t worry about it! We usually have fresh juices on stock but they go fast so be sure to call in advance! Sometimes we don’t have every juice or enough packs that you might want but we can always get you started on something and put an order in to pick up the very next day. It’s very rare at OH! Juice that you can’t start the day you desire. We ask out of courtesy that if you do know when you are going to cleanse to please pre-order, this allows the OH! Juice team to stock their inventory appropriately and make sure everyone gets juice in their hands.

21. Where can I pick up my juices?

You can pick up our juices at a couple different pick up locations including local exercise studios, wellness centers and farmer markets. Check out our locations place or choose one closest to you during checkout! Feel free to call us to see what would work best for you!

22. Do you ship?

Coming soon! We didn’t want to change our core values of sustainability and ditch the glass bottles for shipping due to their fragileness and weight, so its taking us a little bit longer. However we are going to get the same quality OH! Juice to your door step over night very soon!

23. Do you do local delivery?

Yes! We love delivering locally to our community. We are your new aged milkman and will drop off juices and even pick up your bottle returns. We leave your juices in an insulated bag with icepacks in the early morning. Please visit our delivery page for the route map and details.

Post Questions & General

24. Where do you source your produce?

We source from over 50 local farms, some as close as 20 miles away and some from Northern California (apples grow better up there!). Please call us to see who we sourced from that week as it changes with season and availability.

25. Why glass bottles?

Glass bottles are not only better for your body and the environment but also make the juice taste way better. Glass is reusable and doesn’t end up in a landfill. We have many clients who buy multiple juices each week as part of their lifestyle; it wouldn’t feel right handing them plastic each time for a single use.

26. How do I return my bottles and how will the credit be applied? I need a refund, do you accept returns?

We only do refunds if you cancel your order 4 days prior to ordering. We will always apply credit to your next order if you cancel within 2 days.

27. I need to reschedule, how do I do that?

Not a problem, if you need to reschedule your cleanse it must be done at least two days before your fulfillment date.

28. I missed my pick-up date, what do I do?

Call us immediately if you cannot make up your pick-up time and date. You must pick-up your cleanse the next day of your scheduled cleanse if you did not give more than a 48 hour re-scheduling notice.

29. I missed my date completely but would like to pick up something still.

If you completely missed your pick up date with no call and no show you can apply half your credit from the previous order to the next order of the same quantity.