Cleansing vs Fasting

So there’s Cleansing and then there’s Fasting. They are two completely different terms that tend to yield the same results just at different rates. Technically fasting belongs under the category of cleansing because when you are fasting you are most certainly cleansing. So let’s back up and describe each term and their differences.

Fasting is withstanding from food for a certain period of time, completely giving the digestive tract a rest from the involved process of breaking down solid foods and eliminating them. When someone is fasting they typically choose to incorporate raw organic juices and lots of water. Some fasts consist of only water, but that is not something we promote here.

Cleansing on the other hand is the incorporation of clean wholesome foods like juices, raw food, and unprocessed organic foods. By incorporating theses foods and “eating clean” your body is better assisted in the removal of toxins. These foods help cleanse your palate, which leads to the desire of more fresh fruits, vegetables, and will help your curb appetite from addictive processed foods. Our bodies are already equipped and capable to do this job, however sometimes we need a little help, especially if we’re sick, tired and overweight. Cleansing can be structured in many ways, everything from expensive and complicated detox systems that include pills and pre-made shakes to simply eliminating your 3 most detrimental dietary habits like coffee, dairy and refined sugar. We believe that cleansing should be focused on what you’re removing from your current toxic diet and less on “magic pills” that “cleanse” your system ; real food does this for us.

Benefits of each

Fasting with juice is a great way to abstain from processed foods because you aren’t completely restricting your body from nutrients and calories like other popular regimens such as, “The Master Cleanse”. Our Classic Cleanse consists of about 1,000 calories a day while containing copious amounts of vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients that help with the detoxification process, metabolism, and G.I tract rest. Fasting is a part of many cultures and religions around the world, it’s thought that when we give our hardest working system a break (our digestion) the body can heal from diseasewhile the mind gains clarity.

Cleansing with juice is the best ways to cleanse because you are getting the powerful influx of nutrients that will help you through your cleanse. Using juice as a structure or attempting a juice fast and having to incorporate a salad, a light broth based soup or any raw fruits and veggies is still a very successful cleanse because you have managed to remove all of the harmful foods such as; caffeine, dairy, factory farmed meats, refined sugar, refined carbohydrates, processed foods and smoking.

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