Choose the right juice cleanse for you.

You’ve come to the right place if you’re embarking on your first cleanse or have done them before and are looking for a new enhanced experience. Don’t think too much because we’ve already done the hard work for you when we designed our Cleanses. They all have a variety of nutrients you need to have an effective experience for 1, 3, 5, 10 or even 30 days! Choose the length of your journey below…

1-Day- “Is this even going to do anything for me?”

If we had that attitude about everything in life we would never start anything and we wouldn’t get anywhere! A one day juice cleanse is like a great workout with an experienced trainer that motivates you and jump starts your exercise plan. This is exactly what a 1-day does in addition to flooding your body with 15 lbs. of fruits, vegetables, and superfoods that electrify each cell of your body for an encouraging wake up call!

Benefits: After one-day people gain the confidence to tackle a longer juice cleanse. Their taste buds are introduced to the vibrant and earthy flavors they are not normally accustomed to, immediately encouraging better choices when it comes to mealtime. In as soon as one day we’ve had people relieve migraines, acne, digestion issues and gain more sound sleep.

3-5 Day- This is our average cleanse length where people see the best results

This is our average cleanse length where people see the best results and feel the best for a longer period of time after the cleanse. During this longer cleanse people begin to see increased emotional and mental success including breaking tough habits, creating a deeper motivation from within, and accepting and adopting a healthier way of thinking about food & nutrition. This is the best jump start to anyone looking to clean up his or her act or to get back on track.

Benefits: Many people see physical results on a 3-5 day cleanse because your body has been flooded with more nutrients and has had more time away from harmful foods to heal itself resulting in the following; brighter eyes, fresher breath, less body odor, softer skin, and a lighter, tighter and stronger posture from weight loss and reduction in bloating.

10 Day or Longer- “I watched Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead, and now I am ready to do 30 days!”

We love when people or “dare devils” want to dive right in, it’s refreshing and motivates the staff here at OH! Juice. Ten-day cleanses are for those who are either super motivated or for those who really need some dramatic results and time away from the S.A.D diet (Standard American Diet). Some people fast for longer periods of time to learn about them selves, get connected to their spiritual side and to focus on other things like a hard work week.

Benefits: Miracles have happened on 10-day extended cleanses from rapid healthy weight loss, minimizing skin rashes, healing G.I disorders and even reducing cancer activity.

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Option 1. Classic Juice Cleanse (Beginner Cleanse)


Classic Juice Cleanse

Price: $75.00/Day

Our Classic Juice Cleanse is a collection of six different nutrient-rich juices, each bottle is packed with 2-3 pounds of raw, cold-pressed, 100% organic produce. The job of this cleanse is to flush the body’s system of unwanted toxins, retrain the taste buds and most importantly motivate the mind into understanding that it’s a major part of living a healthy lifestyle.


Green Juice Cleanse

Price: $75.00/Day

Our Green Juice Cleanse is made up of more individual juices that are emphasized on dark leafy greens and vegetables and less of the sweeter fruits and mylks. The increase in greens allows for a deeper detoxification process, as dark leafy greens are known for binding and pulling toxins out of the body. This cleanse is a great challenge for first time cleansers who love to drink their salads and perfect for experienced cleansers looking to take it up a notch.

Option 3. Custom Juice Cleanse


Custom Juice Cleanse

Price: $75.00/Day

Are you an avid juice cleanser or not sure exactly which juices you need? We recommend you get in touch with our nutritionist so that they can help you create the best option for your needs. To order a Custom Cleanse give us a call or email the address below for more information.

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*WARNING AND NOTICE: OH! Juice is not an organization of medical doctors, experts, or certified nutritionists and our staff cannot give you medical advice, a diagnosis, or a "diet" plan. Nothing in this website content should be taken as medical advice or diagnosis. If you need medical advice, please seek out professional medical doctor. We recommend that you contact a medical doctor before you begin any change in your diet or any sort of weight loss plan. We warn against the use of our cleanses by minors, pregnant women, and any individuals with preexisting health issues, including those taking prescription medications. If you have any questions about whether a juice cleanse is right for you, you are specifically warned to seek advice from a professional medical doctor.