The O: We are Organic, not sometimes, but ALL the time. We won’t use it if we can’t get it, meaning you won’t drink it. OH!’s Promise.

The H: Health & Nutrition are our goals. You’ll drink it because you like it, but you’ll come back because you feel the difference.

The !: Get EXCITED we’ve made something easier for you! You’re about to change, for the better!

OH! was born from the idea that nutrition should meet flavor and neither should be compromised for the other. OH! believes every sip should taste as good as it is good for you, that’s why our chef, Hanna Gregor is also our nutritionist. Hanna was tired of trying to defend the idea of cleansing and realized she had to create cleanses that really worked.

Cleanses that improved people’s health, jumpstarted their lifestyles and weren’t based upon cheap sugary fruits; but instead from strong alkalizing veggies, exotic spices, and rare superfoods. Hanna wanted to feel good about what she was giving for those searching for an answer.



OH!’s core values set the standard for a truly elite product in the juicing world. Creating recipes and operating standards around these core principles has guided OH! to develop the best juices on the market. OH! invests in the best ingredients, materials and machinery to provide the highest quality juice available. When you have a resilient belief in your values, business decisions are effortless. OH! is founded on a groundwork that values health, organic, local, sustainable, knowledge, and affordability.


It’s not even a question when it comes to purchasing organic ingredients for OH!’s products. Some people may argue that it’s impossible, but it’s actually quite simple; if it’s not organic we don’t buy it. Arsenic, No thanks. DDT, no way! Round-up Ready, forget about it.


When it comes down to it, cold-pressed is the only way to go. We chose this method because nutritionally its the best. It might be harder, it might take more time, it might be more expensive, but you’re worth it. If you’re going to do something might as well do it right!


Local just feels right. Knowing the farmer and how their crop is doing each week creates a deeper connection to what is inside each of our bottles. Our local community supports us, so we’d like to support it through buying a majority of produce within San Diego and California.


We are a “Truly Raw” product, meaning we do nothing to it during or after the bottling process to extend its shelf life. We wanted to create fresh juice, not juice that had the capability to sit under lights, in plastic, on a grocery store shelf for 30+ days. No high pressure treatment, no plastic- just juice.


When you know what is happening inside your body, you notice the changes and from those small changes, you create motivation and motion towards a better lifestyle. Our product is very different than other green drinks and shakes so we want you to know exactly how good you’re being to your body by drinking OH! Juice.


Mother Nature has given us so much to work with we knew designing this cleanse that we had to return the favor. Glass bottles make it easy to reuse and reduce the amount of plastic. We take all of our compost and dump it back to our farms to help grow better vegetables for next year!

“Quality means doing it right when no one is looking.” – Henry Ford