Since 1999, we have called Fort Greene Brooklyn home. From our humble 150 sq. ft. ‘room’ where I used to cook at my apartment on Carlton Avenue to serve in the ‘restaurant’, we quickly grew to take over the entire corner on DeKalb and Carlton avenues – mostly with your help and unwavering support. Together, we’ve laughed, sometimes cried, celebrated and of course, dined. We were there anchoring the block during the warm summer months, we filled the streets on that historic election night when Barack Obama became no. 44 and did so again (this time with floating lanterns) at the passing of South Africa’s Great, Nelson Mandela.

We’ve had kids, babies, grandmas and grandpas, cool kids, artists, musicians, SA performers, politicians, church folks, and yes, even dogs and just about every color and creed under the sun walk through our doors. Except for Donald Trump, as he’s still banned. We’ve seen a neighborhood change right in front of our eyes, which has resulted in the displacement of many residents who can no longer afford the growing rent or new mortgage costs, just as many small businesses along DeKalb Ave, who have had to relocate or close.

Madiba Restaurant, after 19 fruitful years, is sad to announce its closing on DeKalb Ave this coming Sunday evening, February 11th, 2018. We, including my family, would like to personally and warmly thank each and every one of you, all of whom have been central to our success but also to our unwavering commitment to community, both internationally and locally. It has been a privilege to have had such a rewarding experience to serve you, and to add to the economic growth of Brooklyn by providing jobs for so many families — many of which were immigrants, just like me, and a gathering place where we shared together our lives, successes, challenges, and love. As we move forward, I have never been more optimistic about the opportunity to explore the next chapter, and I look forward to each of you being a part of what promises to be another extraordinary experience, and future for myself and my family. I hope to see you all at Madiba, its last famed weekend, to share in the memories and happiness spent together all these years. Meanwhile, keep it real and keep the love going in Fort Greene.

With a grateful heart and serving hands,

I am sincerely,

Mark Henegan

Founder & Owner Madiba Restaurant